FC Dutchmen is dedicated to developing players, teams, and coaches through a progressive culture that also enhances personal development. FC Dutchmen provides players a pathway from the grassroots level to the collegiate level. Expectations for our members and coaching staff established in our club standards allow for an environment to achieve our mission.

A critical theme of our philosophy and vision is to elevate players from within our FC Dutchmen Academy Program to our Senior Premier Program teams. We uphold and demonstrate the highest performance standards for coaches, players, and teams in training and matches and adhere to the principles of the FIFA “Respect” campaign.



FC Dutchmen’s development philosophy for every individual player is unique and diverse. The needs of each player is influenced through a universal process and understanding of our four-pillar model (Technical, Tactical, Physical and Psychological). These four pillars are the foundation to effectively develop and influence a player's growth.

Our curriculum allows the club to adapt training sessions, personal development plans, competitions and coaching style that parallels our development model. This allows our players to be given the best chance to succeed in soccer while becoming a lifelong supporter of the beautiful game....



FC Dutchmen’s goal is to create a player focused environment to maximize everyone's work ethic, attitude, and concentration throughout their development. Our focus on creating a goal-oriented structure enables a player’s initiative, ownership, responsibility and desire to improve daily. Players will strive to achieve peak technical abilities, physical qualities, game awareness & understanding, initiative, mental toughness, and personal responsibility.



FC Dutchmen has incorporated the GROW (Goal, Reality, Options, Will) -based coaching methodology. The GROW-based training environment is utilized as well as other pedagogies. FC Dutchmen stresses developmental objectives over game results. This philosophy has led to on-field success.

Training sessions are based on clear objectives identified from the game and how they fit within FC Dutchmen’s curriculum/developmental goals. The clear objectives for each training session are set around an understanding of what the breakdown is, where it happens on the pitch, and why it is happening.