We encourage all of our players to pursue playing competitive soccer after they have grown out of the Premier Player Program. Our alumni are also encouraged to continue working and training with the FC Dutchmen coaching staff during their off season. Many of the of FC Dutchmen alumni have advanced to play collegiate and professional level soccer. Collegiate and professional players who were trained by FC Dutchmen have succeeded in remaining standout players on their teams. 

NCAA Division1 Players (past 6 years)

4 D1 NCAA College Cup Participants

Caleb Ciaschetti (SUNY Albany)

Chris Alicio (Duquesne)

Christian Esposito (NJIT)

Dylan Aliano (FDU)

Henry Gager (Penn State)

Kledi Capollari (St. Francis)

Nick Canastraci (SUNY Albany)

Tommy Opsiptan (NJIT)

Tony Campagnano (St. Francis)

32 Division II Players in the last 8 years including


National Championship player Brad Campion (Southern New Hampshire)

FC Dutchmen has sent player to over 60 Division III Schools.

U23 teams have competed in State and National League tournaments

ASL/Cosmopolitan Players

Brad Campion (Seacoast)

Delroy Roberts (Philly Fury)

Dylan Willams (Grythyttan IF Sweden)

Kledis Capollari (Cedar Stars Bronx,

 Pogradeci Albanian Superliga)

Nathan Brown (Reading United)

Tommy O (Binghamton Thunder)

12+ players competed in the NPSL Semi Professional League


We are looking forward to new soccer players with any level of skill. Our club members love this game more than life.